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5 reasons to hunt with an Idaho Outfitter

  • Go with a Pro - Idaho outfitters know the country, they know where the animals hang out, and they’ll take great care of you in elk camp.
  • Solitude – Guided hunts in Idaho have plenty of elbow room in the wilderness … no worries about getting buzzed by ATVs, side by sides or seeing tons of other hunters while you’re out stalking game. Idaho outfitters know how to find your Private Idaho experience.
  • Big game bonanza - On a fall backcountry hunt, you can buy tags for and potentially harvest a mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, wolf, black bear and mountain lion during a week-long hunt. How much room do you have in your freezer?
  • Best drawing odds for trophy species – No preference points or bonus points are needed to draw prize tags for bighorn sheep, mountain goats or moose. Central Idaho is a premium destination for these trophy animals.
  • Introduce your kids to big game hunting for $1.75. Adults with a big game license can buy a hunting passport for kids 8 and over for $1.75 and take their kids hunting for the first time.

Steve Stuebner has experienced week-long wilderness elk and deer hunting adventures with Idaho outfitters. He can’t wait to go back again!